Friday, January 25, 2013

Gettin' our country on!

We went to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo yesterday. We spent most of our time before the rodeo checking out all of the John Deere tractors that were on display. AJ was in heaven! He would sit on one tractor for a minute and then want to sit on another and then another and another! There were just soooo many tractors that I think he was a little overwhelmed. Ha ha!

We were eventually able to tear him away from the tractors so we could check out Elsie, the Borden milk cow, and the livestock. We went in the sheep barns first and saw some ewes and even a couple of rams who were fighting. It was kind if funny because you think of sheep saying "baaa" but not these. It was more of this maniacal baa/moo thing that was a little creepy. Even more creeping was how well AJ could imitate the noise!  As we were walking out of the sheep barn to go see the cattle he was practically yelling the noise back at the sheep! I wish I had gotten it on video!

We made it around to see some cattle, rabbits, angry chickens, ducks, baby chicks that were actually hatching in an incubator, a donkey and of course horses!

Once it was rodeo time we found our seats and almost immediately AJ spotted a lady selling popcorn. :/ He watched her like a hawk and kept holding out his hand towards her. He looked kind of pathetic, in a very cute way. Ha! So of course he got a box of popcorn and devoured it by the fist full! He actually got really into the rodeo. He would clap every time a cowboy or cowgirl would come out to do their event and yell, "Yay!" when they finished.

We had a great time! I absolutely love building these memories with my family! (It's also a plus any time I get to see my handsome hubby in a crisp button down shirt, jeans and boots! *gasp* LOL!)

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