Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well it's October and we have done it up pumpkin style! Last week, me, AJ, Mom, Holly, and Aiden all went to the Dallas Arboretum because they were having a special kids' day with a petting zoo and face painting in addition to the Pumpkin Village they had set up for the Fall. It was super crowded because it was Columbus Day but we still had a good time. AJ loved the petting zoo, he petted some little goats and a bunny and chased a couple of poor little chickens around. Haha. Then we had all had a picnic lunch! Here are a few cute I snapped...

This past Tuesday we went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch with the Sanchez family. The pumpkin patch had bounce houses, hay rides and all kinds of things to climb on! AJ had a fun time climbing and running around with Aiden. We also went on a hay ride and he had a blast looking at the tractors that pulled the hay trailers! He also got to pick out a pumpkin all by himself to take home.

In jail with Daddy!

AJ and his pumpkin.
We took his pumpkin home and he got to paint it the next evening! He had a great time. He started out using a paint brush but then decided that using his fingers and hands which was much more fun!

The finished product!
So far October has been a great month and it's not over yet!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Change of plans...

So originally this blog was a way for me to share my crafty exploits (mostly fails! lol) and other projects but I've recently had a change of heart. I have decided to use this blog as more of a journal and scrapbook of sorts. The reason I have decided to do this is well.... I'm sort of obsessed with memories.

I have always been fascinated with stories of the past. I love listening to my parents, grandparents, and other older family members tell stories about their pasts. I love listening to anyone talk about the way things used to be. I think for me, it's almost like reading a book.  I can sit and imagine the scene in my mind as they tell their stories. I think it's why I love history so much and studied it in college.

I also have this slightly irrational fear that one day when I'm old, I'm going to get some form of dementia and I won't be able to share all my memories with my children and grandchildren. It's very important to me to be able to make sure they know the stories and see the pictures.

So anyway, that's what this blog is now going to become, a memory book. I know I only have one subscriber, who just happens to be my saster, but I welcome any and all of you out there to read and share in our memories and maybe you'll get a few laughs and be able to relate too!