Sunday, June 24, 2012

Farmers' Market

I love fresh produce and fresh, local produce is even better! Yesterday, AJ and I went to the Dallas Farmers' Market with my mom and sister. We have been going for years. Before I was married we would go as a family early in the morning and it was so much fun!

Beautiful berries being sold.

One of the best things about the farmers' market is that the vendors let you try their produce. These samples are waaaay better than anything you'll find being passed out at those wholesale mega stores! ;) AJ was in heaven snacking on watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe, and strawberries. (Let's face it, I ate my fair share too.)

Verfied Local Farmer signs

 I haven't ever been to any other large farmers' markets but one of the great things about the Dallas market are these signs. Local farmers who have been able to show that they grow their own produce in the state are given these little signs to put at their booths. I love being able to support local growers and many of them even have organic produce. Another great thing about the farmers' market is the exposure to new foods! One local gentleman was selling round squash! They are called One Ball and Eight Ball Squash. They are said to be sweeter than your usual summer squash variety. I haven't tried them yet but I'm looking forward to trying them soon!

One Ball Squash
Eight Ball Squash

I was also excited to find local vendors with grass fed meats and organic eggs! I am going to be experiementing with my family menu and budget starting next month to try and cut out as much processed food as I possibly can and start buying some more organic foods and making more things from scratch. Now this won't be a complete overhaul because we do have a fairly tight budget but I am looking forward to seeing how it will work out. I will be posting more on this once I get into it and may even make it a regular weekly post. We'll see. In the meantime, get out there and find some yummy fresh local produce if you can!

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