Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

Well, here goes my very first blog post! I'm honestly not sure where I'm going to go with this post. I have so many ideas rattling around in my head and I know I should have probably sat down and made some sort of rough draft but I'm really not a "drafting" kind of person, never really have been. I guess I'll just tell you a little about what I imagine when I think about the mature version of this blog.

There are so many great blogs out there that I LOVE reading, written by these amazingly talented, crafty, resourceful women about home decor, organization, cooking, crafting, raising a family and so much more. I am not one of those women but I reeeeaaaallly want to be one!! I guess maybe this is my attempt  hold myself accountable for all those blog posts I've bookmarked and those darn projects and recipes I've pinned! It's also a way for me to share some of my neuroses I have about being a wife and mom. I'm sure I'll share some of the crazy things that go on in my house that make me stop and wonder, "Does this stuff ever happen to anyone else or is my family just really that weird?" Please feel free to tell me I'm not alone! Even if I am, lie to me anyway! ;)

My "About Me" section isn't very detailed at the moment and I'm sure it will undergo some changes with time but for now I'll give you a quick rundown on my story so you'll have a little context for future posts. My name is Maegan (yes that's really how my name is spelled), I am 27 and I live in Texas but am originally from Mississippi. I have been married for almost three years to my wonderful hubby "A" and we have a 17 month old son, "AJ". About 3 months ago I became a full time stay at home mom. Sadly, I am still getting my act together with the whole stay at home thing. (Yes, I know. Perfect time to start a new blog right?) Who knew not working could take so much effort?! Seriously? Cleaning and running errands, chasing a perpetual motion machine, aka AJ, around and trying to keep him busy. Oh my goodness, trying to keep that child busy and out of things he shouldn't be in... it's more intellectually challenging than college ever was and way more exercise than I'd get at the gym, if I ever actually had time to get there anymore!

I love cooking but I tend to find it intimidating. I love being outdoors but hate sweating. I have all these creative ideas but I have a hard time getting them out of my head and turning them into something real. My family means the world to me! Most importantly, I am a woman of faith. I am not a perfect person by any means and you certainly see that in this blog but I hope that I will also be able to show how God has lavished his grace upon me in those moments, and there have and will be many of those moments!

Anyway,I'm sorry I have rambled on for so long. I hope maybe something here has piqued your interest and you will come back and check out my next post. I promise to try and make it more interesting and entertaining!! :)

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  1. No, our family is just that weird. Sorry to break the news.